Code of Ethical Conduct

In order to maintain the Leadership, Education, and Service Society’s reputation of quality leadership, excellent education, and exceptional service, the Advisory Board has established a Code of Ethical Conduct by which all members should adhere to while conducting themselves in situations related to LESS.

  • Respect and compliance with the law.  Members shall be aware of all local, state, and national laws and abide by them.
  • Lead with honesty and integrity.  Members shall be honest and refrain from dishonest behaviors and practices.
  • Lead ethically.  Members will conduct themselves appropriately so as to not harm other people, their communities, or the environment.
  • Maintain academic integrity.  Members shall not plagiarize, misrepresent themselves, or falsify documents.
  • Respect the dignity of others.  Members shall treat others fairly and equally and not discriminate on any basis.
  • Refrain from retaliation.  Members shall not seek retribution for any suspected violations of this Code. 

The mission of LESS is to encourage people to make a commitment to developing their knowledge and skills while also giving back to others through educational activities and service.

Build your skills while helping others.

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Last updated 4/26/2024